The Northwest Gardener is proud to employ Certified Technicians.

The Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) program is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and designate landscape professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the landscape industry.



January - Moss Control

Your lawn will be treated with moss control and fertilizer. The combination will turn your lawn a luscious green, and knock down the pesky moss, that we all know so well.
February - Calcium Carbonate (a form of lime)

Soils in western Washington are often deficient in calcium. This treatment not only adds calcium to the soil, but also helps to balance the PH.
March - Early Sprint fertilizer and weed control

Apply Lime
Prepare your lawn for spring and get ahead of unsightly dandelions, and other lawn weeds.

April - Aeration & Calcium Carbonate Round Two

Aeration is perhaps the nicest thing you can do for your lawn. Another boost of Calcium, and another dose of weed control if necessary.
May - Spring fertilizer

Your lawns natural spring growth is waning…give it a boost.

June - Another little boost in late June

A light dose to keep your lawn green and growing & check for pesky lawn weeds.
September - Fall fertilizer

Repair damage that a summer full of sun and activity has caused.

November - Late Fall fertilizer

Promotes root growth for next year’s healthy lawn.

Call or e-mail to establish your program. Feel free to ask about our organic lawn care.



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