The Northwest Gardener is proud to employ Certified Technicians.

The Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) program is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and designate landscape professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the landscape industry.


"We have employed the services of The Northwest Gardener on four of our commercial and multi-family projects in the Puget Sound area for the past seven years. We have found in all cases that they provide their services on time and, most importantly, within budget."
-MNA Realty Advisors, Inc.


The diverse services offered at The Northwest Gardener make your job of property management easier. We can handle virtually all of the outside services you need because we've been serving the Puget Sound Area since 1984. The Northwest Gardener commits to satisfying your commercial landscape and maintenance needs to the superior level all our clients expect.  We will conserve and manage all costs associated with your landscape's essential resources – effectively improving your outdoor environment. Our crews take the appropriate time necessary to protect all property structures and utilities while creating your Northwest Gardener landscape experience.
Our skilled Commercial Landscape Management staff pride themselves with a level of satisfaction with which we have continuously provided our very happy clients:

Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP)

Doug received the 2002 Merit Award for Commercial Maintenance by the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals.  We have been a member of WALP since 2000, and frequently complete service projects for the community, such as installing a butterfly garden at Cathcart Elementary.

Superior Quality Landscaping At Competitive Rates




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All our employees have passed a complete Washington State Patrol background check.
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